How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of Belly Fat? (And Why?)

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Have you been dieting for weeks but feel like your body has barely changed, especially the fat around your belly?

Everyone has been in this position before. This makes us ask: how long does it take to get rid of belly fat? Do you need to do something specific to target that area?

To be honest, it is not easy to know what will work for your specific needs when trying to lose excess fat. Nevertheless, you will find many ways you can address this.

Today, we’ll talk about burning belly fat, why it takes as long as it does, and how you can work to speed up the process.

With the right tools and some supplemental knowledge, you can change your body for good.

How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of Belly Fat?

The amount of time that it takes to be able to have a noticeable difference in belly fat depends on the amount of fat you currently have.

If you have a significant amount of fat around your abdominal area, you are going to see results more quickly than someone who is already very lean in this region.

This is because it is easier for the body to burn fat cells when there are more fat cells to potentially be burned.

Most people will see changes in the amount of belly fat that they have in around two weeks. The best way to track these changes is to use a measuring tape to take regular measurements.

Remember, it’s not just belly fat that is important. Consider taking measurements of your belly, arms, thighs, and any other target areas to get a better picture of your overall body changes.

how long does it take to get rid of belly fat

How Does the Body Get Rid of Belly Fat?

Have you ever wondered what happens when the body burns fat cells? What exactly is the body doing that is causing these fat cells to go away?

Let’s simplify the process and give you an idea of what happens as the body gets rid of belly fat and fat cells in general.

  1. First, the body notices that it needs more energy.

It will then release adrenaline and similar molecules into the bloodstream; they will search for energy sources.

These molecules are attracted to specific receptors that can be found on fat cells.

  1. After the molecules bind with the receptors, the receptors will tell the fat cell to release some of the fatty acids that it is storing.
  2. Next, the fatty acids enter the bloodstream. The body converts fatty acids into energy, carbon dioxide, and water.

The energy is used by the body, while the water and carbon dioxide are expelled.

  1. The fat cells get smaller because of the release of fatty acids.

Essentially, the body knows that it needs energy, so it asks the fat cells to give up some energy sources.

How Does the Body Know It Needs Energy?

Understanding a bit more about how the body burns fat cells may make you question how the body knows when it needs energy, as well as how you can make it ask for more fat cells to burn.

There are many ways that this happens:

  • The body doesn’t have enough food.
  • The body doesn’t have enough water.
  • The muscles of the body are being strained and need immediate energy.
  • The body is cold and needs more energy to warm up.
  • The body is sleeping and needs the energy to keep vitals up.

These are just some of the things that can signal the body to start the fat-burning process.

Stored fat is not the only energy source of the body either; the body will first turn to the energy acquired from food depending on how fast your metabolism is.

how long does it take to get rid of belly fat

Tips For Losing Belly Fat

So, what can you do to get rid of fat around your belly fast? Here are tried and tested tips from the pros:

1. Improve Your Metabolic Rate With Exercise

One way to improve how fast you lose belly fat is to improve your metabolic rate. In this way, your body will need to turn to stored energy sources more quickly.

By doing one hour of exercise daily, you can boost your metabolic rate through increased movement and oxygen intake.

Both of these things can have a positive effect on your weight loss.

2. Limit Trans Fats Intake

Individuals who eat more trans fats tend to have more abdominal fat.

It is believed that this could be because these fats lead to fat cells that are harder for the body to break down again.

Regardless of the cause, avoiding these trans fats will help you to limit and lose belly fat.

3. Eat More Protein

Eating more protein has more than a few benefits. First, it helps you to feel fuller. Obviously, when you feel fuller quicker, you will eat less food.

Second, eating more protein-rich food can help to speed up your metabolic rate. When this rate is increased, your body may burn more fat cells.

In fact, you will find that those with low amounts of abdominal fat actually follow a high-protein diet.

The food that you eat has a major effect on your health, and that is not going to change by simply exercising more or less.

While working out is important to your overall health, everything that your body can do stems from what you feed it.

With the right knowledge, you can learn more about what you should and shouldn’t be feeding your body.

Did you know some proteins are better for your body than others? Did you know that some fats cause fat cells to be more difficult to burn?

Moreover, what you eat may also be actually part of the reason why you have been getting more headaches than usual lately.

Everything that the body does is interconnected, and it is all fueled by what you eat.

Learning can help to ensure that you can take on your body’s problems and your belly fat more effectively than ever before.


How long does it take to get rid of belly fat? That depends on how you are treating your body! It’s not easy, but it is possible!

Aside from making sure that you give your body enough time to begin the process of breaking down the stubborn fat cells that have made a home in your body, you can do more.

Quite simply, you can change the way you feed your body so that it can burn fat cells.

Don’t just improve your diet; make a lifestyle change to see significant progress in not just your physical but also your overall wellbeing.

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